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About Us

Louis Bergeron



Born 1929 in Strasbourg and died in 2014 in Paris,, an alumnus of the Ecole normale supérieure, rue d’Ulm, “docteur d’Etat” in History (1974), I have been teaching the economic and social history of industrialisation in Western Europe from 1971 through 1997, then I retired.

I have been involved in researching, promoting or managing industrial heritage since 1978, when I was the vice-president founder of the CILAC (Comité d’Information et de Liaison pour l’Archéologie et la Conservation du patrimoine industriel – the French national association in that field). Then I became a member of TICCIH Board (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage), then president (1990-2000) and now « honorary president for life » - I was the president of the Ecomusée de la Communauté Urbaine Le Creusot –Montceau les Mines (France, Saône-et-Loire) since 1996 to 2000.

Main publications:

  • Le Patrimoine industriel, un nouveau territoire, Paris, 1996 (with Gracia Dorel-Ferré)

  • Le Patrimoine industriel des Etats-Unis, Paris et New York (traduit en américain: Industry, Engineering and Architecture. American Ingenuity 1750-1950), 2000 (with Maria Teresa Maiullari-Pontois)

  • “L’âge industriel”, in Les lieux de mémoire (P.Nora, éd.), III,3,), 1992.

  • Director of the publication of L’Archéologie Industrielle en France, a semestrial journal published by the CILAC, until 2000 

  • Directeur of the publication of Patrimoine de l’industrie / Industrial Patrimony, a semestrial journal published by T.I.C.C.I.H.(The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage), in partnership with ICOMOS, and made at the Ecomusée du Creusot-Montceau, since 1999 – Chief Editor: Maria Teresa Pontois.

  • Les “dinosaures du patrimoine industriel”: le gigantesque et l’encombrant sont-ils réutilisables ?, a DVD-ROM produced in collaboration with Maria Teresa Pontois, 2003, thanks to a co-financing by the European Commission.

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