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About Us

Luca Guglielminetti, Assistant manager


  • Born 1963 in Pisa, Italy.

  • Studies at the University of Turin, Departement of Humanities, under the direction of Prof. Franco Venturi.

  • 1986-1993 : involved in different types of activities and sectors, ranging from social assistance to disabled persons to collaboration with Italian publishers

  • Since 1993 : independent activity in the fields of multimedia communication and contents management

  • 1997 : founder, with two other associates, of Kore Multimedia company (www.kore.it), an electronic publishing enterprise specialized in web design, communication, new media and e-learning. Within that business, currently in charge of the following tasks: project manager, webmaster, editorial director and moderator of virtual forums on various web sites – all that for a full range of clients, from companies to professionals and publishers, from no profit associations to Italian and European bodies and organisations

  • Co-founders, with four other associates, of the European Group of Economic Interest 'Koinetwork' in Paris (2002)

  • Kore Multimedia and Koinetwork have been involved in the following European Programmes :
    - Programme Raphaël together with the City Council of Susa and the Regione Piemonte (Italy), (1999)
    - Programme Culture 2000, together with the Eco-museum of Le Creusot Montceau les Mines (France), (2001)
    - Programme Culture 2000, together with TICCH (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage), (2002) and University of Turku (Finaland) (2006)
    - Programme Interreg III B “Alpine Space”, together with the Group of Public Interest (G.P.I.) -Permanent Training and Professional Insertion Alsace (France), (2003-2005)
    - Jpen and Isec Programme together with Aiviter – Associazione Italiana Vittime del Terrorismo (2008-2015). In this programmes I was project or content manager in the following projects:
    - VNET 2 and 3, The Voice of The European Youth with the victims, 2008-2010
    - NAVT tender JLS / 2008/ D1 / 003 : Creation of a Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism, 2009-2012
    - “ Europe against terrorism. The glance of the victim”, 2012-2013
    - Counter-narration for Counter-terrorism - C4C, 2012-2014 (in the RAN Collection of Practices and Approaches)
    - Victim’s counter-terrorism gathering: The voice of the survivors against radicalization, 2013-2015

  • 2005-2006 : teacher of "European project design in the context of the cultural programmes of the European Commission" for:
    - Regione Umbria,
    - Master on International Cultural Management at the University of Genoa
    - Master on Conservation, Management and Development of Industrial Heritage at the University of Padua

  • Since 2001 to 2015 I was advisor for the Italian Association of Victim of Terrorism (Aiviter) for multimedia communication and, since 2007, for managing the international relations.

  • From 2012 to 2015 I was co-leader of the working group on the Voice of Victims of terrorism (VVT) in the framework of the Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN) set up by the European Commission as an EU-wide umbrella network of practitioners and local actors involved in countering violent radicalisation. RAN supports the policy process at the EU and Member States' level

  • Since July 2015, coordinator, for the practitioners side, of the working group set up by the City of Turin on radicalisation awareness and counter violent extremism

  • I’m author, or co- author, or collaborator of the following publications:
    - Dizionario della lingua italiana , Utet, 1989
    Corso di storia, Vol. 2 La storia moderna, Ed. La scuola, 1990
    - Nuovo Caffè Letterario, webzine (1997-2015)
    - Il Mestiere e la Passione, L’editoria in Piemonte 1945-1948, Ed. Gribaudo, 1999
    - Il Piemonte e Torino alla prova del Terrorismo, Ed. Rubettino, 2004
    - Patrimoine de l’industrie/Industrial Patrimony, Paris, 2007-2014
    - Handbook Voices of victims of terrorism, a compilation of exchanged experiences during the RAN VVT meetings from 2012 to 2015

  • Speeches and papers (selected on Academia.edu, https://goo.gl/DsmxcP)
    - The Rights and the Role of the Victims of Terrorism in Countering Terrorist Narratives, in the occasion of UNODC/TPB national workshop on “Countering Violent Extremism in the Criminal justice Preventive Strategy against Terrorism”, Aquaba, Jordan, 2015
    - Periodizzazione, problemi e pedagogia delle vittime italiane del terrorismo, come testimoni, in the occasion of C4C project Final Workshop, Torino, 2014
    - The Victims of the Holocaust and Those of Terrorism, in the occasion of the RAN Plenary meeting in Bruxelles, 2013
    - "Ending Terrorism in Italy", Italian review of the book by Anna Cento Bull and e Philip Cooke (Routledge, 2013)
    - Le rôle des victimes du terrorisme dans la prévention de la radicalisation qui conduit au terrorisme, in the occasion of the VII Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Terrorism, Bruxelles, 2011

  • Editor or curator of the following exhibitions:
    - Urban Industrialisation, Environment and Society: new perspectives of equilibrium in Northern, Central and Southern European Countries, UE, 2006
    - Anni di piombo, la voce delle vittime per non dimenticare, Torino, 2008 (update on 2015)
    - Europe against terrorism. The glance of the victim, Bruxelles, Madrid and Paris, 2013

  • Author of the following multimedia CDroms:
    - “Banca dati del patrimonio artistico della Città di Susa”, Torino, 1999
    - “Vittime, ipertesto multimediale”, Roma - Torino, 2009

  • Video editor/director of the following video clips:
    - In commemorations of all victims, in the occasion of the VII Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Terrorism, Bruxelles, 2011
    - Intervista a Luciano Bonet, Torino, 2011
    - Narrazioni contro il terrore. La voce delle vittime europee del terrorismo: problemi e sfide, in the frame of NAVT (tender JLS / 2008/ D1 / 003), Torino, 2011
    - Video Channel of the Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism (Aiviter) on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/channels/aiviter (2011-2015)

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