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“European Group of Economic Interest”, KOINETWORK – An Agency for the internationalization of cultures and initiatives – was created in 2002 under the rules of European legislation.

What is entitled Koinetwork e.g.e.i. is a European Group of Economic Interest under the rules of European legislation. It has been created in Fall 2002 as TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservetion of the Industrial Heritage) European Agency and remains linked to TICCIH according to the terms of an agreement which specifies its scientific and managerial role and, at the same times, its full legal and financial autonomy.

Since its foundation, Koinetwork has been in charge of selecting, launching and preparing the application files of several projects co-financed by the European Commission, mainly in the field of the cultural and scientific promotion of Industrial Heritage as well in the 
communication on this field – and then of performing the administrative management of the projects within the partnership and between partners and the European Commission. Over the three past years, several one year or three years projects related to the cultural and scientific programmes of the European Commission were prepared under the lead of Koinetwork and won the support of the European Commission.

Due to that kind of action the group has become able to act as a network of competencies, by considerably expanding the range of the members or friends of TICCIH, by consolidating exchange networks including institutional partners, businesses, associations and European organismes. One of its main preoccupations is to gather collaborations from all areas of a European Union on the way of geographical expansion and cultural and scientific diversification.

Koinetwork is offering its support to the initiatives of TICCIH members, either as individuals, constituents of the national committees or scholars involved in the work of the thematic research sections. 
Beyond that, the group is defending the role of Industrial Heritage in the administrative and territorial policies of sustainable development. It is interested in the promotion of Industrial Heritage by its inclusion in the training both by means of learning in presence and of distant learning – in particular, the group adheres to different projects of internationalisation of higher education, even by e-learning.

Besides, Koinetwork has a strong interest in wide-spreading the knowledge and communication of Industrial Heritage, by traditional printed means as well as through multimedia instruments. The group has now become the publisher of the international Journal Patrimoine de l’industrie/Industrial Patrimony.

During the last months, Koinekwork is enlarging his field of competencies and actions to new social, urban and environmental problematics linked to the reuse of the industrial patrimony.


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