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Emotion Project

The E-MOTION project: Promoting innovation and knowledge 

23 actors (local and regional authorities, universities, foundation, associations, companies…) from 4 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland) have come together within the framework of the Interreg III B Alpine Space programme (priority I measure I "Mutual knowledge and common perspectives") to carry out the E-MOTION project. 

Through distance learning and Information technologies, considered as vectors for regional development within the alpine space, E-MOTION aims at implementing an economic, scientific and technical cooperation, as well as skills transfer around E-Learning. In this way, the mobility of targeted population segments and equal access to knowledge should be improved.

The E-motion project has 4 main priorities: 

  • "Pilot Contents" consisting in the creation and the adaptation of pilot E-learning contents (European social law, commercial law, public tenders, public rights and freedom, management and conservation of industrial heritage, use of nomadic offices).
  • "Technical Platforms" based on results of existing research and development programmes, in particular from French and Swiss national digital campus programmes.
  • "Use & sharing" intended to increase the potential of access to the to the training courses, by supporting the actors, by colleting and promoting good practices on E-learning and by creating virtual working communities.
  • “Evaluation & capitalization" which aims at better evaluating and disseminating online training courses towards wide target populations.
Web site: www.emotion-project.net 

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