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Industrial Patrimony

resources, practices, cultures

Patrimoine de l’industrie/Industrial Patrimony

Patrimoine de l’Industrie/Industrial Patrimony is T.I.C.C.I.H. Journal created in 1999 by Louis Bergeron and Maria Teresa Maiullari-Pontois, published and financed, since January 1st, 2005, by Koinetwork geie1, in its role of T.I.C.C.I.H European Agency. The journal il puslbished in partnership with the I.C.O.M.O.S.

It is a semestral publication, appearing end of June and end of December, in an A4 format and about 112 pages, except in the case of special issues A double colour printed cover welcomes texts and illustrations in black and white.

This journal is the only one today addressing, at an international and interdisciplinary level, the problem of widespreading the knowledge of industrial heritage, of supporting the values which it conveys in all contries having experienced the centuries-long trend in technological progress and industrialisation, of the conservation, reuse and enhancement of the material and immaterial testimonies which are constituting that heritage.

Each issue is coming in three main parts: the first one being consacrated to a specific thematic; the second one, of monographs concerning a presentation of case studies (monuments, sites, landscapes) or of original experiences (museums, conferences, projects); the third one, of books reviews and to news of the activities and projects which Koinetwork is involved in or is following.

The collaborators of the journal are mainly members of T.I.C.C.I.H. network (Board members, National Representatives, individual or corporate members), however that first circle is continuously getting wider, thanks to the policy of the Editorial Committee, which aims to enlarging the international diffusion of the journal, as well as to a permanent attention to new areas – geographical ones, thematically specialized – or to new authors, coming from various and complementary disciplinary fields.

An noticeable room has been reserved, in the course of the years, to articles dealing with Italian cases – to meaningful authors, sites, experiences in that country.
However, the constant preoccupation of the journal has been to accompany the extension and the strengthening of interest towards industrial heritage in all countries of Europe and of other continents, especially in Central America, Latin America and Asia, i.e. continents on which national T.I.C.C.I.H. committees have appeared and have been structuring themselves along the two last decades, thus favouring the revival of a valuable cultural and scientific culture in that specific thematic field.

The journal attempts to be “a window open to the world” in its sphere of competence,
and needs attentive and active authors and readers, in order to be able to remain faithful to its fundamental principles and to its institutional finalities, as well as to meet its ambition of thematic enlargement and of connecting heritage, didactics and research

1 European Group of Economic Interest, created in 2003 and managed by Maria Teresa Maiullari-Pontois, member of TICCIH Board of Trustees. Koinetwork has taken over the financing of the publication, formerly guaranteed by public subventions, in particular from the French Ministry of Research, and later by the Ecomusée de la Communauté Urbaine Le Creusot-Montceau, which has interrupted its support at the moment when it closed its international programme in 2004.
Let us cite, in particular, the publication of the National Reports presented at the XIIIth TICCIH Congress (Terni, 2006, n° 15), and also tje Proceedings of the TICCIH intermediate Conference organized nel 2007 by the T.I.C.C.I.H. Section for the United Kingdom (2007, n° 18).

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